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Undeniably iLL

by Impossible Odds

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JUl, 19 - Littlefield

A comedic take on the Shark Tank concept, reworked as part late-night talk show, part competition reality show!


Join self-proclaimed multi-millionaire and host (Micah Sterenberg) and the masters of funk (house band ImpossibleOdds) for a tongue-in-cheek worship of all things capitalism that is part late-night talk show/part competition reality show.


Witness the noblest of all American traditions: the capitalization of creativity. Comedian-entrepreneurs hop in the tank with New York's shrewdest comedy-sharks for the chance to turn their funny into money. Former sharks have included: Aidy Bryant (SNL), Conor O’Malley (Late Night with Seth Meyers), Gary Richardson (SNL), Dulce Sloan (The Daily Show), Sunita Mani (GLOW), John Reynolds (Search Party, Stranger Things), Joe Pera (Joe Pera Talks with You), Chris Redd (SNL, Disjointed), Mitra Jouhari (Miracle Workers), Ariel Dumas (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), Alzo Slade (VICE), Eleanore Pienta (Cocoon Central Dance Team), Ana Fabrega (HBO), Katie Rich (Weekend Update), Carmen Christopher (High Maintenance), Django Gold (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), Asher Perlman (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), Karen Chee (Late Night with Seth Meyers), Tanner Tannenbaum (Rick and Morty), Mike Hall (Big Ten Network), and many more comedians, performers and directors.

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Andy Blanc “ImpossibleOdds” is a Hip Hop artist born and based in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Odds possesses a unique jazz influenced Hip Hop sound, which many say contains traces of golden era hip hop, but also presents a new, richer, and refreshing sound. Odds spent some adolescent years in Central FL, and returned back to Brooklyn to pursue his music career. Odds alongside childhood friend/producer “Romair Brown” have crafted a product critics say rival the best music in Hip Hop History.

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